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Have you ever imagined what jumping from a plane would feel like? Have you ever fancied freefalling between earth and sky? If your answer is yes, you have found what really suits you!


At TANDEMCENTRUM you have truly professional tandem pilots to help you try this really special sports, the most extreme of all extreme sports! Make your dream come true! Experience what 100% ADRENALINE feels like!!!
Tandem skydiving is the kind of parachuting where even you can try freefalling at 200 km/hour in easy and safe circumstances. It surely is like nothing else! The experience will dazzle you and keep you under its spell for days!

At our place you can jump with instructors that performed thousands of jumps, with whom you can feel safe each minute. Our parachuting equipment consists of the most modern American Sigma tandem systems, which are accident-free and used worldwide. Our instructors deal with tandem diving all year long and thereby stay in form all the time. They work in Hungary in summer and in Gran Canaria in wintertime. Accordingly, they also have  American and Spanish instructors’ certificates apart from their Hungarian qualifications.

We work with an own plane and pilot and thus do not need to adapt to anyone. This is important because your jump can always be carried out under these conditions. Unfortunately in crowded divers’ airports with too many people around this is not necessarily the case.

The other huge advantage of a private plane is having it at disposal every day of the week. Our team provides high-level and wide-ranging services to those wishing to jump and their companions. Apart from tandem diving, our airport offers gliding and engined sightseeing flights, and there is also an option for cross-country flights if prearranged.

If you want to offer tandem skydiving to somebody as a present, then just click here !!

Tandem skydiving, freefalling over Kecskemét!

Our basis is Matkópuszta airport located right next to Kecskemét. It is merely 85 km away from Budapest, easy and fast to approach from any direction.

(Detailed route description and GPS coordinates are to be found in the submenu CONTACT!)

Have a blue sky! The TANDEMCENTRUM team wishes you an excellent jump!