About us

The Tandemcentrum team, consisting of national team members and professional parachutists, came into being eleven years ago. With time it grew into an enterprise with the popularisation of free-falling as its main profile.

Based on the experience acquired in Hungary and abroad, we keep developing our company to this very day. We strive to make this extraordinary experience available for all the more people. This implies serious teamwork in our case.

Few companies can affirm having separate staff dealing with tandem clients and their companions from the moment they arrive until departure. This is extremely important, as the tandem pilot only needs to deal with the jump, there is no need to rush, there are no disturbing factors. Our clients are welcome by two competent female colleagues, who touch the right tone with everyone. They provide comprehensive information to tandem clients and their companions about the jump details and procedure.

Apart from this, our instructors are national team athletes who boast of numerous Hungarian championship titles and represented our country at several world cups during the past years. Our plane pilots are experts acknowledged as one of the best of the country when it comes to tandem skydiving. Our plane, a Cessna 182K, has been transformed in a special way for parachuting and tandem skydiving purposes. Due to its unique equipment we can rise to 3.500 metres without any problems in order to enjoy 45 seconds of freefalling!

We jump with the best American tandem system that guarantees your safety! They are thoroughly checked at the end of each year and our folding master also keeps checking them continuously during each folding.

We also welcome foreign tandem clients as our team members speak several foreign languages. We communicate mainly in English, but we also have colleagues speaking Spanish, Portuguese, Italian.


János Kovács

Instructor, tandem pilot, cameraman

Anita Endrédi


Tibor Jung

Instructor,tandem pilot,cameraman

Bálint Ari

Instructor,parachute technician

István Németh


István Figlár

Instructor,tandem pilot,cameraman

Gábor Kollár

Instructor,tandem pilot,cameraman

Gergő Urbán


Zoltán Varga


Martin Szíjártó


Péter Bucsák

Instructor, tandempilot, cameraman

Bence Nagy


György Koncz

Instructor, tandempilot

Zita Szalagyi

Administrator, coordinator

Carolina Juricsek


István Fehér