Demo films


In this case we use a full HD gopro camera with an extreme large focus placed on the tandem pilot’s hand on a glove designed for this purpose. Thanks to its large focus, truly spectacular pictures can be shot only from arm’s reach. Its great advantage is that we can record everything from preparation untl landing. This kind of filming is very popular both in Hungary and abroad. Our modern gopro cameras also allow taking photos while jumping. Its price is reasonable as there is no need to have an outside cameraman.


A freefalling cameraman accompanies us in this case, and he jumps with us with full HD cameras attached to his helmet. The recording of the external cameras shows more of the surroundings and the scenery. This kind of jump is significantly more expensive as one more jumping peron is needed on board. That is why we decided to offer more content for this price. The tandem pilot makes a handycam recording while the cameraman records everything with an external camera. These two materials would be blended in the edited film to show both perspectives.