Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do if I want to try tandem skydiving?

First you need to get in touch with us on the phone or via mail. We discuss some details and then we agree on a date. If all is right, we meet at the discussed time at the airport and have a great jump!

How should I dress for a jump?

Comfortable sports shoes are indispensable. Apart from this we recommend sporty and comfortable clothing all season long, but in summer it’s enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt. We give you a jumping overall and goggles on the spot.

Can I jump in glasses?

Of course you can. In such a case we use goggles adapted precisely for this purpose. These can be placed over your own glasses. Contact lens wearers can jump without any problems!

Are there limitations?

Unfortunately there are. The upper weight limit is 95 kg!

From what age can people jump?

From the age of 15 until 60. In the case of minors, parental consent is needed on the scene.

Are there health conditions?

Tandem skydiving is not recommended in case of illnesses such as epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, or spine disorders. As a medical check-up is not needed for tandem jumping, it is important to be honest about one’s own health state.

When and how should I pay?

On the spot, in cash. We can make an exception only in justified cases, if e.g. the person who gave the present cannot be there at the jump. In such a case there is a possibility for a pretransfer. Its drawback is that we cannot refund the money if the tandem skydiving came to nothing for reasons that are not ours.

When can I jump?

The season starts in April and lasts until November. In this period we jump every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (we organize weekday jumps if there are at least for interested people.)

When do I need to decide if I want to have a recording or not?

It is recommended to agree on that already when discussing the date. We can still change having a handycam or not, but we make external + handycam videos only if prearranged!

How many people can jump at the same time?

In the case of handycams we can take at most two tandem passengers. In case we use both external+handycams, only one passenger can go.

Can a companion come with me on the plane?

Unfortunately not. Only the tandem couples and the pilot can stay on board as the plane has been transformed specifically for skydiving.

How safe is tandem jumping?

A tandem chute is a parachute specifically conceived for two people. It consists of two parachutes, a main and a reserve one. Beside this, a so-called safety device is also compulsory part of the equipment. This automatically opens the spare chute at a given height. All this equipment is officially checked each year and the tandem pilot also checks it before each jump. We use only modern American parachutes and harness systems that are in a perfect state. Only the most experienced parachuting instructors can become tandem pilots. Our tandem pilots keep practising and training in Hungary in summer and abroad in winter.
We have been carrying out tandem jumps in Hungary for more than fifteen years, there has been no serious accident so far.

Is eating and drinking recommended before the tandem jump?

It is worth eating any kind of – not too heavy – food before jumping. Your blood pressure and blood sugar level would easily fall after the tandem jump if on an empty stomach. Freefalling is not at all like the roller coaster, so there is no need to be afraid that it makes you sick! Alcoholic beverages are not recommended eight hours prior to the jump.

How tough is landing?

Not at all. You don’t need to be afraid of it as you deal with it during preparation. We explain and show how we’ll touch ground and how you’ll have to raise your legs a bit in order to help the tandem pilot touch ground safely. These chutes can be braked and directed, so you will not „fall” on the last couple of metres! The tandem pilot brakes down the chute completely at the end and you’ll and safely.

Can we jump in windy weather?

The parachute is a flying object so wind is not a problem. Due to their training and immense experience, our tandem pilots know weather conditions very well. Each jump is carried out according to given weather conditions. Safety comes first, so in case of a certain wind strength the tandem pilot may delay or cancel the jump.

Am I going to be able to breathe?

Yes. Air is not that thin at 3.500 metres to cause breathing problems. Our speed does not hinder breathing either. Still, some do feel momentary breathlessness after jumping out but this is more of a psychic reaction to fear or adrenaline.

What happens if I can’t jump at the agreed time?

No problem. The weather may happen not be suitable that day, or you might have something else to do. In such cases we agree on another occasion without any fuss. It is important to phone or mail us in time if you can’t make it for any reason. It goes without saying that we also keep in touch with you continuously.

What do I need to do if I want to buy a tandem jump for someone else?

We suggest using our gift coupon option. Ordering it is fast and easy, and you don’t even need to pay in advance. If the present has been handed over and the jump is through, payment will be carried out on the scene.

What is your jumping height?

3.500 m. You can jump from higher in Hungary only using large planes. These locations, however, are very far away from Budapest. It might happen that you are promised to jump from 4.500 metres and you don’t even reach 3.000.

Where exactly do I need to go?

Our basis is the Kecskemét-Matkópuszta airport. For further details check the Contacts submenu.

Can I take a camera on board for the jump?

Unfortunately you can’t. The tandem passenger must not bring any objects during freefall according to rules. You can certainly use any camera or camcorder on the ground.

What happens if I change my mind the very last minute?

Should you change your mind on the spot, you’ll need to pay half of the jump price. In that case we can’t replace you with anybody, so that implies financial losses for us too.

How much time before the jump should I arrive at the airport?

We always tell you the exact time of arrival. It is needless to come earlier or later than that. Should you be late, call us by all means in time!

Is there a discount for groups?

Yes, but this is always negotiated separately. (a group means more than at least 4-5 people).

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To make an appointment for a tandem jump, call +36 70 608 7373. We are available every day from 8.00-20.00.

Data needed for the reservation:

  • Name, age, height and weight of the jumping person.
  • If there are several jumpers we need everybody’s data of course.
  • Name and phone number of the contact person.
  • What kind of a jump you’d like to have (no recording,handycam,handycam+external camera)

It is worth reserving the desired date two weeks in advance!

Basic conditions:

  • Weight of not more than 95 kg.
  • Age between 15 and 60 years.
  • suitable health state
  • (you can read more about excluding factors in the Details submenu)
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