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If you want to present someone a special experience they will remember a lifetime, get them a tandem skydive. You can do this fast and easily with our gift coupon. You don’t need to do anything but fill in the coupon order accordingly.

    After that you’ll get a link to the given e-mail address to download the personalized coupon you applied for. This can be printed in any size and shape, you can even have it laminated. It is important that the coupon cannot be paid for upon ordering.

    Payment ensues only if the jump is carried out, that is on the spot and in cash. This is so in order to avoid possible annoyances when the beneficiary does not make use of the gift. Payment is always according to the prices valid upon usage. We call your attention that tandem skydiving has certain conditions (such as age limit, weight limit and certain health conditions, see submenu DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF TANDEM SKYDIVING, so please read it carefully before ordering the gift coupon.

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    To make an appointment for a tandem jump, call +36 70 608 7373. We are available every day from 8.00-20.00.

    Data needed for the reservation:

    • Name, age, height and weight of the jumping person.
    • If there are several jumpers we need everybody’s data of course.
    • Name and phone number of the contact person.
    • What kind of a jump you’d like to have (no recording,handycam,handycam+external camera)

    It is worth reserving the desired date two weeks in advance!

    Basic conditions:

    • Weight of not more than 95 kg.
    • Age between 15 and 60 years.
    • suitable health state
    • (you can read more about excluding factors in the Details submenu)
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